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Severe Leg Cramps

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  • Severe Leg Cramps

    Lately I have been having SEVERE leg cramps in my hamstrings. I am a great runner (6 minute miles for half marathons). My legs are weak when it comes to lifting and I begin to cramp up in my hamstrings on my 1-2 leg workout. How can I fix this and make sure I am hydrated? Do I just need to keep training? I drink a lot of water and I have a pretty well balanced diet. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

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    I usually drink pink coconut water. It has higher potassium than a banana and it's awesome for you. My mentor suggested Pedialyte last time I cramped up.


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      Dynamic stretch before working out, static stretches after. Supplement specifically with Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, & Potassium. Cramps in muscles is usually related to dehydration, mineral depletion, over overexertion. Over exertion also includes damage from overuse, because when your muscles are damaged they distribute nutrients inefficiently and it's harder to recover. Take time off from anything that engaged your hamstrings, use light walks and stimulate blood flow with heat.

      If you cover all of that above, and STILL have cramps you need to see a doctor. Cramps are the equivalent of a motor in an car missing, and can be symptomatic of a larger issue. The cramps (missing in car) can be symptomatic of a blocked artery (fuel), or spinal nerve damage (spark).