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  • Swimming Substitute

    I am a police officer in Texas, and I am following the Naval Special Warfare Training Guide. My issue is that i really dont have a need for the swimming part of the training except for the benefit of it. With that being said there are not very many places accessible for me to swim around here. So my question is what can I substitute for the swimming and still benefit from it? More running? Crossfit? Bicycle?

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    Re: Swimming Substitute

    I would just get on the floor and do flutter kicks, and after the push ups and pull ups but that's just me. Do you like being a police officer? I'd just want to drive fast ha


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      Re: Swimming Substitute

      I'm from Tx too, howdy. Abdominal crunches, sit-up's, flutter kick's like mentioned below. Mimic leg kicking techniques is the best way to do it. A great deal can be done in enforcement with aquatics: Rescue Diving, Search & Recovery and Underwater Investigation. -Hector 1st place Navy Boot Camp PT, 1st Place base wide PT "Captain's Cup" 1999