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Scout Team Road Trip

Would you be interested in attending an event to find out more about us and maybe get in a little workout? We're putting together a list of places for a road trip. PM Scott Williams (Admin)and tell him your location.
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Cleaning Goggles

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  • Cleaning Goggles

    How do you guys clean your goggles to prevent dirt and pool water from building up on the lenses without scratching them all up? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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      Re: Cleaning Goggles

      Yeah toothpaste works great I use it for all my goggles from swimming to snowboarding to paintball masks. It helps from it not fogging up and getting as greasey
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        Re: Cleaning Goggles


        First thing you should do with a new swim mask is rub the inside lightly with toothpaste. It's a slight abrasive and will remove the factory coating on them. What works for me is before I get in pool spit in them and rub it around with my finger. Make sure you don't get the lens wet before you spit on it. Try and get the spit all over the entire lens then rinse it out once quickly in the pool, don't rinse to long or more than once. The idea is to have a coating on the lens to keep the fog from forming. Hope this helps.


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          Re: Cleaning Goggles

          Anti-fog paste baby! clean freshwater. Google's are pretty cool.