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1000 METER Swim today, advice please

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  • 1000 METER Swim today, advice please

    Sup gents. So today I decided to do a 200M warmup, 1000M swim, and a 200M cooldown, all using CSS. This was done in a 50M pool.

    My 1000 Yards (9 laps) time was 21:59, and my 1000 Meter (10 laps) time was 24:17. This was my first 1000M swim. I had only been doing 500M at a time up until today. (my best 500Yard time in a 50M pool stands at 9:53 - which is 4.5 laps)

    What surprised me was I was swimming relatively mellow, knowing I had to do 10 full laps - but I still didn't think it would be this slow. I was expecting a 18:xx for the 1000yard and 20:xx for 1000M

    What type of times are you guys laying down for the 1000M? I plan to be swimming 1500-2000M consistently using CSS without fins in the coming weeks.


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    Re: 1000 METER Swim today, advice please

    I don't do a 1000M, but I do half mile (18 laps) and 1 mile swims (36 laps) in a 25Y pool for LSD workouts. These are no-fins. I'm actually slower in the pool with fins because it takes so much time to turn around.

    Half Mile CSS 0:17:21
    Half Mile CSS 0:16:57
    Half Mile CSS 0:17:08
    Half Mile CSS 0:17:25
    Half Mile CSS 0:17:26

    Last 1 Mile times were 35:46, 35:29, 36:00




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      Re: 1000 METER Swim today, advice please

      I usually use CSS as a predominant stroke, only using alternate strokes in warmup and cooldown or as a small change of pace if I'm doing an extended workout with a bunch of sets. Haven't swam in awhile due to an injury but will be getting back in the pool Monday or Tuesday this week. Last LSD swim was 1400 yds CSS in 24:00.60. Going by average 100yd time over the course of that 1400 yds (and I maintain an even pace pretty well) I would have been around 17:08 at 1000yds. I'll preface that by saying I was a diver for 8-9 years and swam with the swim teams I was a part of at times, also played some amateur water polo (no league just with the swimmers for scrimmages and such) so I got my comfort in the water back pretty quickly. The few times I was ever in a long course (meter) pool I did notice a change in times during my HS/college days to get those couple extra strokes.