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Double Arm Pull Breakout and Tutorial

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  • Double Arm Pull Breakout and Tutorial

    First I did a write up on how to plan an effective 100Y INT workout:

    After that, I took on the eggbeater kick in a three part tutorial:

    Now, we're moving on with a breakdown of an excellent Double Arm Pull and Breakout (what you do off the wall).

    This is a breakdown of a textbook breakout where we break down the fine points that make it so effective.

    If you are doing your double arm pull "just because," and aren't really feeling like the juice is worth the squeeze, check this out. This swimmer can turn times in the 6's, and what he does off the wall is a significant contributor to that.

    Our group has been working very hard on this and everyone has shown improvement.

    Post up if there are any questions, or if there's some other topic you would like to see us cover.

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    I have been working on my double arm pull breakout but it seems that I maintain more momentum when I just do a really hard pushoff and stay really streamlined. I maintain momentum and don't feel as out of breath. I think this has to do with the efficiency of my breastroke kick and recovery. It feels like someone hits the breaks.


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      It very well could be an issue with that.

      What a lot of candidates fail to grasp is that getting a good CSS time is only about 1/3 due to having a great CSS stroke itself. The other two thirds are how you perform in the turn, and how good your breakout is. Seeing you focusing on fine detail shows me you're onto that.

      Try this: Take a kickboard and push off the wall. Count how many breast stroke kicks it takes you to get to the other side (25Y or M). Make each one as strong as possible and do your best to get the most distance out of every one.

      Let me know what the count is.

      And have a Happy Easter!


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        What are some good work outs that could strengthen your breast stroke kicks? My upper body is strong, but my lower body is weak. I have started to doing more lower body workouts to help myself on swims and runs.


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          Good question otto.

          Here are some ways to isolate and work the breast stroke kick:

          1 - Doing (kickboard) kick sets with breast stroke kicks.

          2 - Vertical kicking: Like treading but you use a swim kick. Start with doing no hands, then progress to hands on head, hands in streamline, then you can add weight. Start with :30 on, :30 off and build upward from that.

          3 - The drill I mentioned above where you only kick (no arms) both with and without a kickboard and measure how many breast stroke kicks it takes to cross the pool.


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            Thank you for helping me. I will do it when i go to the pool, and let you know how i did on it.


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              I did it tonight, my best was 14 breast stroke kicks for 25meters, and consistent at 23kicks. Also i try to swim super fast with side stroke, my best was 59 seconds for 50m. i only move when i use my arm strokes, my legs kicks is not moving me and have no power at all. even i try to kick as hard as i can.


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                The 14 is not bad, 23 indicates there's something wrong with your form.

                I would need to see it to fix it, but a typical mistake with breast stroke kick is believing that you need to push water out to the sides, or in a circular pattern rather than straight back.


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                  I think that might be my mistake,i will try again tonight and let you know. Thank you for helping.


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                    Coach Freddy

                    I did the kickboard exercise and it took me 11 kicks consistently to get across the pool.