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Treading, please read and heed

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  • Treading, please read and heed

    Twenty-five percent of your aquatic program in basic training will be comprised of different of treading variations. While this number sounds like a lot it is not. If you're not proficient at treading and comfortable doing so for extended periods of time what is offered in basic training will not suffice for your training thereafter. I recommend developing an technically proficient tread both barefoot and finned and then extending your ability to maintain that skill.

    There are a multitude of different ways to tread but as a suggestion I would work to develop something call egg-beater which is done barefoot and develop a strong flutter kick done with fins on.

    I normally do not offer "coaching" on this venue and stay fairly broad in topic but I will respond to questions asked to this post if appropriate... I have posted earlier about a way to develop egg-beater, it is under that topic in Swim Training.

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    How long of a tread should we work up to? Should we work on treading with weight?
    "Those who will not risk cannot win" - John Paul Jones


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      I'd shoot for a progression up to 30min treads...simple weight like 10lbs dive bricks may not be a bad idea either. Most important is that you tread both barefoot and with fins. Please remember to use good judgment, if your struggling stop the tread and reevaluate, rest, and then begin again or save it for another day.


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        Is there a time increase we should shoot for week to week or workout to workout?


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          Coach J For the 30 min treads are the hands out of the water?


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            As a good rule of thumb, I'd suggest making treading 25% of your aquatic program. As you progress in your swim program you will conversely progress in your tread.

            I wouldn't be concerned if you lacked the ability to maintain your hands out of the water for total length of your tread...but the ability to do portions of that tread with your hands out would certainly pay off.


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              I did a three part series on learning the eggbeater for spec ops training:


              It has a drill progression to help you get the basics down.

              I totally agree with Coach J here. Treading knocks a LOT of people out of this program, and those that don't know eggbeater carry a huge disadvantage.

              After you learn the eggbeater kick, your order of progression to condition and strengthen it would be as follows:

              1 - Treading with hands down, hands up. Starting :60 down, :60 up and working up to larger intervals. If you can do eggbeater with five minutes of hands up, you can start using weight. Hands out of the water is hard. Elbows out is harder. Streamline tread is the hardest of all.

              2 - Know how to tie all five knots? Tread with a length of rope and tie them. Got them down? Try to do it with eyes closed, over your head, or a charged mask.

              3 - Treading with weight. It doesn't have to be a lot, and actually shouldn't be. A standard 10# dive brick is fine. We also use a dive belt with a quick release buckle, and a 10# medicine ball we throw around the circle, and heave over the backstroke flags.

              Treading is also a great addition to your workout as a warmup for the legs and hips, and when you are "all swam out."