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  • Fin technique

    I've spent a lot of time working on my CSS without fins. My unofficial 500 time is around 7:45. I'm now spending more time swimming with my rocket fins and was curious about the technique you all use. I'm doing a flutter kick, but was wondering if it is more optimal to have a bit of bend in the knee with each kick or if a stiff legged kick driven by the hips and glutes is superior? Also are swim times without fins usually comparable to fin times with fins? Thanks guys.

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    for your first question i swim both way with fins while a few feet under water i will kick with straight legs but when doing a Combat Sidestroke you should have a bend in both of your legs when you do the scissor part of the kick (right before the arm pull) also dont forget anytime you are swimming with fins DONT FORGET TO TREAD WATER it will help your ankles get used to the rocket fins. and your times would be very different with fins or without i swim much faster with my fins on. watch some videos on the combat side stroke and try to get good at it once your efficient it becomes very very easy swim with fins once a day or at least every other day (that doesnt mean dont swim without fins you need to swim without them too) but remember tread water practice the CombatSideStroke have a good day and keep training bro


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      Not a stiff legged kick but one that generates from the core and allows the knee to flow with that motion freely.

      Definitely don't drive the kick with the knees only. Another important aspect is leaving that lead arm out there a little longer than in slick CSS. Don't be in a hurry to pull the second arm.