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How prevalent is swimming without fins during BUDS?

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  • How prevalent is swimming without fins during BUDS?

    So I took the PST the other day and before the PST I was talking to the rest of the other NSW Canditates. A contraced SO officer candidate told me that I should be doing 80% of my swim training with fins and 20% without, and that swimming at BUDS is all fins. My question is how much swimming without fins is done at BUDS? I have been contracted for a while now, and I am tailoring my training towards BUDS rather than the PST.

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    I've been told by an active duty officer that you do 1 non-fin swim (I think you do a PST) in BO or at the beginning of phase, and all fins after that.


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      Safely incorporate your swimming with fins but 80:20 is a good ratio