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Swim critique

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  • Swim critique

    A critique would be appreciated.

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    I took a look at it.

    You have a good stroke there. I like the body position, swimming on both sides, and the streamlines off the wall. Turns are very good. Second pull is nice and short and recovery is fast. Change NONE of this.

    It's mostly a matter of conditioning for you, but there are some technical points.

    1 - Not hitting a streamline at the top of every stroke. Your kick is good, and not hitting a strict streamline at the top for a mississippi is robbing you of some distance you already paid for.

    2 - Timing - breathing late. Let that first pull rotate you to breathing. As of now you are breathing dangerously close to creating a dead spot.

    3 - Double arm pull could use some work. It's "not bad," but by getting your core involved and holding that streamline off the wall longer, you could easily be threatening the halfway mark every time.

    You are headed for the 7's my friend, and I don't think you have a long journey to get there.