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Shaved Head for PST

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  • Shaved Head for PST

    Are potential candidates taking the PST allowed to have a completely shaved head? Swim caps aren't allowed but smooth skulls can't be against the rules, right?

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    No, there was no hair regulation when I took the PST. You are right, swim caps are not allowed. If you happen to have longer hair, then I would recommend to get it cut or just tie it, but shaving is just overkill in my opinion.


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      I'd rather overkill than underkill.


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        A shaved head will probably save you 1 second over a full 500. Its really not that big of a difference. Plus you would look like an alien, stay pretty for the ladies. haha


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          While you're at it. Shave your whole body...

          I mean you might as well go full Rtard

          Just joking. You can do whatever with your luscious locks to gain advantage.

          Just don't show up with a man bun you may get drowned bahaha.
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