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Breathing Techniques/Timing with CSS and Freestyle.

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  • Breathing Techniques/Timing with CSS and Freestyle.

    I've fairly new to the CSS and Freestyle (Front Crawl) swim techniques - especially the front crawl. I have a good background in running (track and field for 4 years), but I'm having a lot of trouble learning when to time my breaths when I swim. I'm comfortable in the water: I don't care if I swallow water or if it get in my sinuses.

    My problem is that when I swim for 50+ meters I start to breath a little harder, and a little harder. If I keep swimming, this compounds over the swim and after a while I need to stop. I KNOW that part of this is because my form isn't 100% and I have an increased resistance with the water because of that, but is there a point where it just clicks and I'd be able to swim it almost endlessly (stamina wise)? Does anyone have any pointers?

    Right now I'm at about 25yds in 30 seconds. 50 yards in 61 seconds. I haven't timed for longer than that because of the problem stated above. Can someone tell me if that's a decent starting pace?
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    "Right now I'm at about 25yds in 30 seconds. 50 yards in 61 seconds" Is this for freestyle or CSS?
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      Have you checked out the "Swimming Training: Start Here" thread? That is where you should start. sounds like the answer is right in that thread. Read through that and watch the CSS videos that they have put together and practice the techniques shown.

      You can also try and get someone to record you swimming 100m or more and post it in the CSS Critique forum and get feed back.

      Those are my pointers. As far as decent starting pace just do the math, 500yard swim, 10x50yrds, 10 x 1:01 so it's about 10:10. That is if you sustain that lap time the whole way through. You'll probably lose time on turns as well.


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        douso nails it.

        There are answers to the breathing issue in the "start here" thread.

        If you post a video, it HAS to be 100Y or more, and you have to be facing the camera, and it needs to show you entirely, from hands to feet.


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          Your breathing could be slowing you down. You should be breathing often but only the corner of your lips should come out of the water. Especially with Combat Side Stroke. This is meant to get you in undetected in clandestine environments and something tiny like coming up too far for air can give you away!