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  • CSS critique

    been practicing my technique and breathing. 500yard is around 9;50. Aiming for 9:00 next. Thanks for any criticism and tips. (only 50 yard video)

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    Not a bad stroke, but there are some minor refinements that would make you more efficient. Make your glide more stream line by squeezing your head with your biceps and keeping your feet close together. Stop all the random flicking of your feet. I would also recommend practicing without the double arm pull because some mentors don't allow it. Hope this helps.


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      Good Stroke. I did notice how you would start to move towards the wall and not staying straight. This can be fixed by keeping your eyes forward. You want your eyes and arm to pointing in the direction you are going.


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        The video isn't long enough for a proper critique.

        1 - You need to swim on both sides. An effective turn depends on this.
        2 - Streamline is terrible. There's no distance in glide because of this.
        3 - Breathing is late, creating a dead spot where you are sinking down. Breathe with the first pull. Your inhale should be with a straight arm in front of you.
        4 - Legs are separated and drifting outside the cone of the body. e.g. "Back streamline"
        5 - Get a jammer type swimsuit. It's worth as much as 20+ seconds on your 500Y.


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          Excellent Terrence,

          If you put up a second video I'd be happy to take a look at it when you are ready. Just make sure it's 100Y minimum because a short video hides a lot sins and doesn't give an accurate picture of how the stroke technique, rate, and effort is maintained.

          Since you're swimming on both sides, you are ready to start doing a single plane open turn. There are tutorials on YT for this that are excellent IMHO. Search for "open turn sequence."



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            Wow, 45 seconds of improvement after one critique is amazing. Once you start hitting under 8:30, it's time to really drill down on the small stuff and get down into the 7's.

            If you want some advice on planning or modifying your swim workouts to power this, I'm happy to help there too.