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Trouble Treading

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  • Trouble Treading

    To start: I was never a swimmer and everything I have learned has been self taught or from swimming with friends.

    I have been training for around 6 months now and I have seen success in other skills such as finning, sub surface swimming, drownproofing, etc. Treading has been and continues to be the hardest thing for me to do. I have been working towards a goal of a two minute tread with my hands out of the water (ears or wrists can't get wet) and have not even come close. Naturally I am negatively buoyant, so even when I take a huge breath, I will sink to the bottom. I am able to tread with my hands out for around a minute using the scissor kick, not very long using a frog kick, and even after many attempts, I can barely stay afloat using the eggbeater. My goal is to master the eggbeater and become proficient at it because I know it will help me in the long run. Does anyone have any tips for learning the eggbeater from a beginner standpoint, and learning how to better control my buoyancy? Also, any workouts to maintain and build strength for this would be much appreciated.

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    In water polo we would hold a medicine ball above our heads and tread water for two minutes. That really helped me get stronger for treading water. Another workout, would be to hold a water polo ball (or just hold your hands above your head) and tread water from one side of the pool, and tread while leaning forward until reaching the other side.

    See how this guy moves while treading:
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      I did a three part series that might be of interest to you. It has drills and progressions.