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Swimming CSS - Switching sides?

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  • Swimming CSS - Switching sides?

    I've recently begun incorporating more swimming into my workouts and feel comfortable with the CSS. I have been alternating what side of my body is face up though because I am not sure if I should be strong swimming both sides. Is this good or should I just train only swimming with the side that feels most natural to me? Thank you in advance for answering. Let me know if clarification is needed on what I'm asking about.

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    I think it would be best to train both sides. If you can swim a 500 on one side then that's great. At some point though you may not be able to use only one side. What happens when you're swimming with gear on and your dominant side get super tired? You're going to have to rely on your your less dominant side. If that happens you'll need to be able to use it. Chances are if you don't train that side, and end up having to use it you'll end up hurting it because it's not trained. Train it.


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      Train both sides. For practical purposes, and the SOC in our district mandates facing the same way throughout (thus using both sides). Yours probably will too.


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        It's absolutely necessary to swim on both sides. You can't do a correct (fast) open turn if you can't do this. You'll also wind up a faster and more competent swimmer overall.