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Female CSS Critique Needed

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  • Female CSS Critique Needed

    My 500yard swim time is currently between 10:45-11:10. I want to seriously work this summer on getting it sub 10min. Any feedback is helpful. I have been stuck at those times for a couple of months now. I am planning on working with a swim team, but I want my form on point.

    I know I need to add a double arm pull. I, also, might need a CSS for short people guide. (I am 5' 5".)

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    I watched the video.

    There are a lot of things going on.

    The primary issue is that you have a balance problem. All that stuff you're doing with the legs is compensating for it. It's a lot of work that isn't doing anything to move you forward. You need to go back to the drills and fix the balance issue. The lifting up of the head when you breathe is the primary cause.

    You're not getting faster because a buick can only be pushed through the water sideways so fast. You've maxed out what your form is able to handle. The key to going faster for you will be to get you going through the water a whole lot easier.

    When you breathe, you want one wet ear and one wet eye. Slow it down and work on it until you've got it right. Run all the drills from the video and keep doing them until you get yourself swimming nice and flat, and are breathing with a head on axis and the crown of your head pointing at the far wall, and not up into the air.

    Work the kick as well. After you fire that scissor kick, the legs stay behind the body, heels together.

    Switch your second pull to the "sprinter's sidestroke" pull described in the video. It will help solve some of the other issues going on.

    That's probably enough for you to work on for now.


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      I think you should also work on swimming on both sides. Swim down facing one direction, and swim back facing that same way. It gives one side a short break, and I think its a little faster in the turns.


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        Okay, thank you. Will do