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CSS critique and help

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  • CSS critique and help

    Hello all,
    Here is my first attempt at the CSS. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm stuck on why I get gassed so easily as well as why my kicks don't seem to propel me.


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    Hey bro,
    stroke looks good, the few things i would change would be that you don't hold your head out the water so long when you breath and also as soon as your first hand comes down to pull your second hand should come right after it.. prolonging the stroke will stop your forward momentum. as for your kick it looks pretty good, just try to use expand your kick more to get more propulshion instead of the quick little kick you were doing. heres is a vid of my sidstroke and how i break the technique down is in the show more box. hope it helps and keep getting after it!


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      Thanks man. I will put that to use. Im not quite the fish you are yet, but your video looks good. Its an interesting technique. Keep up the good work.


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        I took a look at it.

        You are swimming on both sides, which is good.

        Distance per stroke is a primary issue for you.

        The kick has almost no propulsion to it. You need to isolate this with a kickboard and develop it a little bit. On your first length, when you are 3/4 of the way to the end of the pool, you are barely moving at all for two complete stroke cycles there.

        Up front, I can see that you are looking forward slightly instead of straight down. This is dropping your hips and making you swim uphill. The streamline up front is loose. It should be tightened up like a dart shape. Look at 410faith's streamline. That's an excellent example. HOLY DOLPHIN KICKS BATMAN!


        You are looking upward and backward while breathing. You should be looking directly at the side of the pool and breathing with one wet ear and one wet eye. The top of your head coming out of the water like that is poison to your momentum.

        I would recommend going back to the drills in the official video, and working your kick in isolation. Go into the deep end and do your scissor kick vertically with no hands (like treading). :30 on, :30 off for as long as you can keep it up with your hands out of the water, changing legs each time.


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          410faith, I just wanted to say nice job on that 200.



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            Thank you Fargo007.


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              George s - thank bro keep up the good work! and Fargo007 lmao thanks bro i appreciate it. one team one fight!