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  • Swim critique

    Here's a 100yard swim up for critique. I know I need a lot of work as I only started formally swimming three months ago. Thanks for the help!

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    Your legs seem to be doing a lot of motions. You want to tuck your knees and scissor kick, and go to streamline. You seem to do a some splashes with your feet, you want to avoid that. I started swimming in March maybe April, and started with 11 minuets on 500, and yesterday swam 7:47 on a PST so just little things corrected will make a big difference


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      [QUOTElittle things corrected will make a big difference[/QUOTE]

      this is very true I could barely keep up with friends swimming at the lakes around us growing up and after a few months of practice and working on the little details I embarrassed all of them at the lake this year when we swam across and back (large Michigan inland lake)


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        I sent private critique in a PM.

        But right on Mad Dog. You make money in swimming not with handfuls of gold but with slivers of a penny at a time.