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100m CSS swim critique

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  • 100m CSS swim critique

    Have my first PST next Wednesday (30th) and just looking for a few last minute pointers. My time now is about a 9:30 and I would like some tips to get that lower. Thank you in advance.

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    Hey bro, good luck on your PST tomorrow. Absolutely crush it! Also your stroke looks pretty good, but make sure you close your scissor kick to get maximum propulsion from it. Good luck!!!
    "Those who will not risk cannot win" - John Paul Jones


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      Sorry I'm late to this. You'd be well into the 8's if you:

      1 - Learn to swim on both sides.

      2 - Stopped looking forward. Your hips are dropping way down when you do this.

      3 - Commit to either a breast stroke kick or scissor kick. You are about 3/4 of the way to a breast stroke kick right now. Either one is acceptable, but as posted above it has to be loaded, fired, then closed.

      4 - Execute a proper open turn. Those turns alone are costing you 15 seconds.

      5 - Speed up your recovery. It's lazy, and waiting for that very long, very ineffective straight arm second pull to finish. Don't spend so much time short in the water like that. Recover snappy, and get back out front where you are faster, and have the potential to pull.

      6 - Switch to a "sprinters sidestroke" pull as illustrated in the first video. This will also help with 5, because it naturally shortens the stroke cycle.

      7 - Tighten up the streamline. If your arms aren't pressing your ears to the sides of your head, it's wrong.

      If I had you at our regular swim PT's and you did your homework, I think I could shave a full minute off you in a month.