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100 yard critique

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  • 100 yard critique

    My 500 time is 8:11. I would to bring that to a sub 8 minute. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    I'm no swim coach but these are my observations, hopefully someone with a good swim back round can assist.

    - you don't face down, almost looks like your trying to drag yourself sideways
    - kick could use some work
    - when you start facing the bottom of the pool instead of sideways, you will find corkscrewing when you rotate will help
    - you never streamline which kills your time, form, and energy
    - a good push off the wall followed by streamlining into a strong double arm pull will bring stroke count way down
    - longer, smoother, more fluid, stronger strokes vs beating the water into letting you across the pool

    Hope this helps, like i said don't claim to be an expert so i could be wrong with some points. keep on training.

    - MadDog


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      Swimming on one side. There are numerous reasons to swim on both sides. Search back and you will find them.

      Turns. If you swam on both sides, you could execute a proper vertical turn. Since you can only swim with the right arm forward, you can't do a vertical turn, and have to take the extra time to wheel yourself all the way around.

      No streamline, either off the wall or in the stroke.

      The double arm pull isn't efficient. Look at the DA pull tutorial I just posted for the proper form.