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    My time is 925 and u want to get below 840 or so. Please help with my swim critique and let me know what can I do to improve it tubal guys
    Critique my swim let me know what wrong I am doing and how can I improve please. Thanks

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    You are sharkfinning. Bring your elbow down before recovery. Also you may want to work on your double arm pull to maximize efficiency. I believe there are a few forums on here about that, and also Stew Smith has a video about it on YT. Best of luck.


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      Real quick....
      Your stream line is bad, both while doing the stroke, and when you have breakouts off the wall, watch some faster guys videos and focus on their streamline, then compare your video to theirs. You'll notice your streamline is really lazy
      Next.. you look like you're not balanced at all and compensating for that with the small flutter kicks, stop this now.
      Also... you are over rotation isn't helping, one eye should be above to surface and the other under, you're rolling onto your back completely
      Furthermore... Your turns are super lazy and relaxed, if anything you should be hauling a$$ into your turns, fast in fast out, also its free distance with a good breakout.
      Continued.... When doing the css you shouldn't be splashing as much as you are, this is wasted energy not being used to propel yourself forward, another thing that is clearly killing your time is that when you are swimming you are bobbing up and down, you should be only moving parallel to the pool bottom, rather you wasting energy moving perpendicular.
      Lastly.... I would suggest that you break it down into individual parts instead of trying to fix all this at once because these are all major issues. Maybe spend 3-4 pool sessions soley working on the basics instead of doing a workout.
      Just my .02$

      - I swim a 7:35ish


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        Thank you guys really appreciate your help. After working on it I will post another video for u guys to look. thanks


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          You are not swimming on both sides. That's a tremendous loss of potential, and you need to fix it right now. Search backwards for all the good reasons.

          I wouldn't say you were "shark finning" but you are definitely creating an unnecessary and unproductive spectacle of the high elbow.

          You are doing that because you are only running your first pull as far back as the top of your suit, and not all the way back. Run that pull all the way to a straight arm, then recover - pin the elbow and move the hand first. That will keep the elbow down.

          Turns are terrible because you can't swim on both sides.

          There are also a lot of kicks coming out of the water.

          The streamline is "not bad" but could be tighter. I think your body position is good.

          Start with 2:1 on the side you don't like for your next swim workout.


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            I am also seeing that shark fin. But what sticks out to me is the time spent on your breathing. There is a huge stall-out in the stroke that appears to be connected to the breathing. You need to smooth this stroke out and get rid of that stall out. Make sure that you are exhaling in the water and ready for the inhale by the time your mouth is in position to take the breath. Take the breath, quickly and deeply, and MOVE. Breathing is an part of the stroke, not an interruption of it. I am also not seeing proper rotation. You are rotating--as mentioned above. But instead of rotating to enhance the momentum of the stroke, I believe that your rotation is connected to your breathing pattern. If you are swimming in such a manner that getting the next breath has you worried in any way, stop. Slow everything down. Go back to the videos and watch them. Also, practice rhythmic breathing with a swim stroke that you are familiar with (Freestyle, for example) until breathing is comfortable. Then plug it back into CSS. Hope this helps. Good luck.