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CSS Critique Needed

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  • CSS Critique Needed

    -- Redacted --
    Last edited by Firedup942; 03-05-2017, 04:33 PM. Reason: Security Reasons

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    Alright brotha. When you streamline try to make your body longer than you are in this swim. your lead arm needs to stay out longer and pull harder, no flutter kicks in between strokes. reserve that energy. focus on technique, because you have everything else down. just stay calm. make your transition powerful (when you throw your weak arm through make sure you glide.) practice your cardio. Youre there just practice technique.


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      That video really isn't workable for a proper critique but I will try.

      I'm seeing a general deterioration of form as the 100 wears on. You start off strong and actually not looking too bad, then it grows progressively sloppy. Shortening pulls, less effort, decreasing distance off the wall and declining distance per stroke.

      The biggest things I see:

      1 - No streamline in the stroke.

      2 - Timing - breathing too late. You are breathing on your second pull when it should be the first. This is creating that "dead spot" where you literally stop and sink down in the water. This is killing you.

      3 - Turns. Plenty of resources here on turns.

      I don't see a problem with using the kick you have now. If it is working, go ahead and use it. You honestly have bigger fish to fry so leave it alone.

      Some general guidelines for a critique video:

      1 - Shoot it from the side of the pool in HD.

      2 - Swimmer faces the camera the entire swim.

      3 - 100Y Minimum.

      4 - Include some data in your post that will help us help you. e.g.

      Current PST swim time: 09:40

      This is a Yards/Meters Pool.

      I have been training for (n) months.

      My swim workouts consist of: foo, bar, baz....


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        The streamline is covered here in the official guide here:

        You should be kicking out into that exact position on every stroke. You have to be in that position to glide otherwise you are wasting all the energy.

        Cool, looking forward to seeing the progress. Definitely go over the guide and the official video.


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          Look up on Youtube how to do "Open Turns"


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            This is better on all counts but it is still in need of a lot of work.

            The streamline is starting to get there but is far from strict/tight enough to make any difference. It still looks loose up front. The biceps should be pinching your head behind the ears every time.

            Timing - still breathing late in the stroke cycle. Should be with the first pull.

            Second pull - taking too long and is going too far down. Make it a short, fast horizontal scull. The official video describes this as a 'sprinters sidestroke' pull. You need to switch to that.

            Turns - better, but you need to stay on your side entirely. You are wasting time flattening out. Open Turn sequence on youtube.

            Legs - after the kick, I'd like the see the legs together and still, hidden behind the cone of the body. You are wiggling them around quite a bit. It's not providing any propulsion so it looks like balance compensation.


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              The streamline is not negotiable. It's necessary, and is one of those things that only works when it's perfect.

              A 100% perfect streamline is 100% effective. A 99% perfect streamline is 65% effective.

              Switch to using swim goggles instead of a big honkin dive mask. Use a dive mask when you are fin swimming, not for PST swim/training.

              Racing goggles are far superior, which is why you don't see dive masks in the olympics.


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                Took 28 seconds off already? You'll be into the 8's in no time.

                I took a look at the training plan in the pdf document and don't recommend you follow the swimming portion of that. I will guarantee doing exactly what is written there will not make you faster.

                Once we get the form locked down we can start talking about conditioning, but we can't carry lax form into repetitive work. It takes a very long time to unwind bad habits out of a swimmer so believe me it's best not to have to do it.

                I find goggles are far easier. What seems more difficult with them versus the mask?


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                  Originally posted by Firedup942
                  As promised,
         PassWord "SealSwcc"
                  Things that I worked on
                  *Open Turns

                  Things that I noticed
                  *Little to no distance off the wall, I need to glide more
                  * Over rotating when I'm on my left
                  *I still see the issue of breathing on my second pull
                  *A little bit of crazy legs, I do it on my left because of my strong sissor kick on that side. Thought I might try it, seeing it on fargo007's 5'5 swimmer video.

                  Older video

                  500y 8:50 ish
                  This looks tremendously better to me. Great job.

                  I don't understand why you are erasing all of your posts. As long as there is no identifying information, it would be nice if the information on this site could be re-used to help others.

                  In fact that's sort of a central point of it all.

                  I'm happy to help out, but if this site becomes a graveyard of redacted posts with no context, it loses value for everyone.