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swim critique needed

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  • swim critique needed

    Hey boys. I have been really working on the CSS now for a couple months and really need a critique. I know my form is garbage so don't hesitate to give me a brutal but honest critique. I am currently doing Stew Smiths 12 weeks to BUD/S program. Definitely not for the faint of heart. I do apologize for the quality of the video.

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    What I see:
    Push off the wall seems weak.

    Over extending the glide without the speed to justify it.

    Swimming up hill with head out of the water and never really going to your side on the top arm pull.

    Really focus on balance. A good start is to do the drills they have on this website.



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      Also what is your 500 yd time? If you haven't done that yet what is your 50 yd time?


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        I have not done a complete 500 yd swim without stopping. My 50 yd times are usually around 55-1:05


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          My upper half tends to float also and it helps to swim as if I'm trying to go slightly deeper and I end up just swimming balanced.


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            If you can't complete 500yds it probably is because you aren't completely exhaling underwater and its tiring you. You should be almost entirely empty right before you do the top arm pull and breathe and then the millisecond your mouth is above the water inhale like it's the last breath you will ever take and fill your lungs to the max.


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              You're probably right on the breathing. Im in pretty good shape but when I start swimming more then 5 laps I'm wiped out.


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                Yeah if that's the case it's definitely the breathing. like 3 months ago I could maybe do a 10:30-11 min 450m but my 50m was about 1min so if I was maintaining that I should have been around 9 minutes. After really focusing on the endurance side for awhile I'm down to a 9:40. I still drop off a bit towards that end and struggle to breath at that pace but it has help tremendously.


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                  right on. I will definitely be working on that breathing for sure. May i ask what you're swim workouts are looking like these days?


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                    So a few things going on there.

                    Off the wall: Loose, weak streamline. Double arm pull isn't buying enough distance.

                    Stroke mechanics: Second pull should be short, and horizontal (sprinter's sidestroke). Your kick is halfway between a breast stroke and scissor kick. Pick one of these and stick with it, it doesn't matter which, both are acceptable. Legs are loose and wiggly after the kick. You are using them to compensate for a balance issue. After the kick (once fixed), the legs stay behind the body, hidden from the water. As of now, you are dragging them. The wiggling you are doing with them isn't helping. It's hurting.

                    Timing: Breathing late in the stroke cycle. You should be breathing a little bit earlier. Follow the first pull to breath.

                    I don't see you lifting your head, but at times you are looking forward a little bit. Look only two places: Straight down, or directly at the side.

                    Definitely go back to the drills in the official video. You're not that bad, but you need some more work on the fundamentals of balance. That and the kick should be your first two things to knock down.

                    Don't worry about conditioning until the stroke is looking good, on both sides.


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                      Thank you fargo for the feedback. Ill work on this for 2-3 weeks hard and post up another video.