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  • CSS critique

    I've been working on my CSS for about 3 months now and have been struggling to get my times down. So yesterday I finally had myself recored. After watching the videos I can see some major flaws. My heads coming up to high, bad turns, not enough glide. I'm also feeling way too winded after just 100yrds. I'm hitting my 1.5 mile runs in about an 8:30, so I believe it's more a breathing issue rather than my cardiovascular fitness in general.

    The first video is 100yrd with no pullouts. The second video is a 50yrd with pullouts. Any advice is appreciated.

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      1.Keep your legs and heels perfectly straight and toes pointed after your kick. Way too many extra kicks.

      2. When I swim I try to almost angle my body downward and that keeps my head from flying out of the water and it's easier since you aren't swimming "uphill". Get used to just turning your head and keeping one goggle underwater.

      3. Fully exhale underwater and inhale like it's your last breath the second you surface with an audible *gasp*.

      4.Try swimming on both sides to split the work amongst both arms. This will help during the rest of the pst.

      5.Don't fight the water.

      I'm not a swim coach so it's all what has worked for me... hopefully it helps.


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        I am a swim coach. ;-)

        But your points are good ones erin. It's not about your resume, but how much improvement you generate and inspire in people.

        The legs are the worst thing I saw there. The "crazy legs" is a compensation for having very poor or no balance.

        Most definitely you skipped learning the stroke by going through all the drills and tried to just pure rage it out. It won't work.

        Go back to the official video at the top of the swim section and go over those drills. They teach the basics remarkably well.

        Basically we need to take you apart, shine up the individual pieces, and then reassemble. This will take time and hard work. Not the kind of hard work that makes you tired like from a hard workout either.

        This work will be hard because it will all take place in your head, not in your arms & legs.