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100 yd CSS critique

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  • 100 yd CSS critique

    Any critique would be greatly appreciated. I'm down to a 9:20 500yd CSS but this is the first time I've filmed myself swimming so I have already spotted quite a few mistakes but I'll keep them to myself and see what y'all have to say. Also would like your opinion fargo007 if possible.

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    Of course, always happy to help. I get an email when you guys mention me so if anyone wishes me to comment on a swim, just ask in your post and I'll be notified.

    Not bad but a few things you need to fix.

    1 - Streamline. Your arms aren't out front, they are angled very far downward. Work on shoulder flexibility. Lean against a wall in streamline and put the stretch into the shoulders. Those are tight, strong muscles so they will fight hard before they start releasing. Also hang from a pull up bar, close grip.

    2 - The legs. Your legs are continuously drifting backwards of the body, creating drag. This is the primary thing I saw. Hide those legs behind the torso in the glide. The scissor kick only has two positions: Loaded, and fired. You are hanging out somewhere between them and it's killing your momentum. Serious problem, easy fix. Just keep the legs poker straight.

    3 - Over-rotation. You are loping too deep and are surfacing too late, which is noticeable because you are breathing literally straight up instead of to the side. When your head is facing the side, you're still underwater. You should be at the surface. This means over-rotation is the symptom, and loping is the cause.
    Fix: Shorten the second pull. Spend less time short, which is when you are sinking straight down, and make your two handed recovery as fast as you can. Also shorten the time between that first and second pull.

    4 - Turns. You'd be in the 8's already if you were doing a correct open turn.

    5 - Double arm pull: I have a tutorial video on this. There's at LEAST a good 15-20 seconds for you to take back here as well.

    Overall there was more here to like than to criticize. Good job swimming on both sides and your kick looks very strong.

    No reason you can't hit low 8's or even 7's once you tune this stuff up.


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      Thank you sir, excited to get back in the pool tomorrow! I'll watch your videos as well. fargo007