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  • critique needed

    Hey guys so i need another critique. I was not feeling too good about this one. Fargo gave me some advice on my last critique to switch to sprinter side stroke and i am pretty positive that my timing is all messed up. Any help would be appreciated.
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    The timing is indeed messed up. You are breathing too late in the stroke cycle. Let that first pull rotate you to breathing position.

    That's also *NOT* sprinter's sidestroke. You are pulling all the way down to your waist.

    Think about why we're doing sprinter's pull in the first place. It's to reduce the amount of time you get caught short in the water. All that time you spend with that long slow pull out front is causing you to sink straight down. Watch the video with that in mind and you'll see it.

    The second pull should be a short scull. It's more important that it's done in less time than it currently is, so that you get back out front much faster.

    Our goal is to shorten the stroke cycle. Specifically to reduce the recovery time. Dramatically. All that time will then be spent going forward, instead of up and down.

    You are also looking forward (bad), and the streamline is terrible.