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  • Swim critique

    A critique of my stroke would be appreciated. I

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    1. After your second pull, glide a little bit, it'll lower your stroke count.
    2. Work on your turns, if you can't flip-turn, just try to get faster on your regular turn.
    3. On your second 25, your top arm is looking a bit goofy, make sure your arm position is consistent and you'll be good.
    4. Definitely work on your flutterkick, I don't think you're working them as hard as you could be.
    5. Head Position is looking alright, just try to minimize actually moving your head, and more on turning your body.

    Otherwise, looking good. Focus on those and you'll be good.
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      I took a look at it.

      Generally, very good on the fundamentals. I liked a lot of things about that swim. You should have no problem hitting the 7's.

      1 - You are not hitting and holding a streamline at the top of the stroke cycle. It's hard to see the quality of the streamline precisely, but it doesn't look good from what I can see. You have a nice, fast recovery but at the top of it, hit the streamline and hold it for a Mississippi. This is the only pose any type of gliding should be done in.

      2 - Lazy legs. After your kick, your legs are drifting all over the place. That's pure drag. Engage your core and glutes slightly to hold the legs hidden behind the torso.

      3 - Short first pull. You are short stroking the first pull quite a bit. Make sure you go all the way to mid thigh on that, and at the same time extend the second arm way out. Use that pose of "two straight arms" (one pointing at each wall) as a checkpoint when you drill/practice.

      4 - The double arm pull needs a little pepper on it. See the video on my YT channel for the correct mechanics on it.