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CSS Critique Request (50 yard)

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  • CSS Critique Request (50 yard)

    Hello everyone,

    I am 19 years old and I am planning on enlisting to become a SEAL after college is done, and I am going into my college freshman year right now. I have been watching many CSS videos, and even though I am not enlisting for a while I want to practice my swimming as early as possible. I just recorded a video of me doing a 50 yard CSS, and according to my calculations, if I kept this pace up it would put me at a 8:48 swim.

    1. Would it be possible for anyone to take a look at the video and see what I could do better to get faster?
    2. Should I swim on my strong side the entire time for the PST or switch? (I've heard both recommended)

    Thank you so much.

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    Kwelch99 , good work so far. From my experience practicing with it, swim on both sides! Reason being is for equal distribution of the work. My method is 25 yards/meters on my weaker side, then 25 yards/meters on my stronger side. This method had helped me shave off those vital seconds when I PST'd. After your kickoff, the streamline doesn't look bad. Your head position needs a little adjustment, it looks like you're looking up slightly which will increase drag and tire out your neck. Work on looking down at the black tiles. This could be a comfort issue as well, mainly its one of those things of just practice,practice,practice. For your arm position on the streamline and between your kicks, tighten your arms to a spear, what I mean by that is biceps to ears in order to get a little more out of your streamlines. I hope this helps.


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      Roboscout 302 Thank you so much for the feedback, I greatly appreciate it!


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        It looks like you are losing a lot of "free" speed when lifting your head out of the water and you let yourself sink a little. You are coming off the wall awesome though, and you have the technique pretty solid. Good Work.


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          biggest and i mean biggest when i comes to going fast is never have 2 ears out of the water at the same time except for the turns at the wall. other than that u look great. just try staying on your side while learning too. itll make your kick into the motion you want to be