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  • CSS critique video

    I started at around 13 minutes and got it down to 10 and a half minutes but have plateaued out there and haven't made much more progress despite swimming 6 days a week. Thanks for looking. Any advice is very much appreciated!

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    Pretty decent form, the things I’d work on would be keeping your toes together until you kick and instead of doing a bunch of flutters, I’d work on big powerful dolphin kicks. Also, where you’re doing the turn around, when you get close to the wall go very fast into it, palm the wall and turn, don’t grab the curb, you’d be surprised how much that can affect your time. Make sure when you’re doing the strokes that your fingers are closed not open and that your toes are touching until you kick, at this point, it’s all about the little things. I’d highly recommend Jeff Nichols swim program for increasing speed. Max effort 25, 50, 100 sprints help the most with increasing speed. Also, if you’re not already, I’d do a bunch of fin work.


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        Sorry for the late reply here, I was out of town.

        I'm going to disagree. Entirely.

        You're not getting faster because your form is very poor, and you are at the top edge of what your current stroke form can do. Pulling harder against bad hydrodynamics will only make you more tired, it won't make you go faster.

        The issues you have are ENTIRELY technique. If you leap into conditioning with the stroke mechanics you have right now, you will be doing way more harm than good. Don't buy anything. All the resources and advice you need to get faster are right here.

        Body position is very poor, and at times nearly your entire head is coming up out of the water. Almost to two dry ears.

        Streamline is bad at best, or nonexistent.

        Timing is completely wrong. You are breathing WAY late in the stroke cycle. It should be with the first pull. Your second pull is too long, and should be the short "sprinter's sidestroke" pull.

        Crazy legs - way too much frantic kicking. Totally unnecessary, and looks like you are using them to compensate for balance problems.

        You also need goggles, and a jammer type swimsuit.

        Start by revisiting all the drills in the official video. Really concentrate on them.

        Learn to hit a perfect streamline and do it off every wall and at the top of every stroke cycle.

        Fix that turn. It's terrible.

        And you start in the water, you don't want to dive in like that.

        Perform ONE double arm pull off every wall and then break into the stroke off a single frog kick.

        My advice at this point would be that your swim time should be 85% drills and mindful practice on basics.

        When you hit an 8:30 or below, or have six months to ship, then start working with fins. But for now, it's a complete waste of your time. You can't get through BUD/s until you get a contract.

        LMK if you have any questions.


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          Wow, very thorough assessment! I do appreciate it sir, thank you


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            I feel like I need to flutter my legs to achieve a streamline, if I don't I lose my hard earned momentum.


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              To fix the turn I just need to do it faster, right?


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                I usually do a 1-2 mile lake swim per week depending on how I'm feeling, I don't think swimming with fins will be a problem as I can already crush 3rd phase times. But I do it more as an break from sprints on my off days


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                  Look up the open turn sequence on youtube.

                  You need to do it as efficiently as possible. With the efficiency, reduction in drag and economy of motion you will achieve the speed in the turn.

                  Working on the basics here will produce a lot of positive effects that will translate into fin swimming later on. For instance, the lack of a streamline. I have to believe it doesn't look any better with fins on, but improving it will speed you up a lot with fins also.

                  Remember you don't want to just hit a good time, you want to hit a good time and have it cost you as little as possible because when you're done there's a whole lot of day remaining to take on.

                  With a 10:30 swim, your odds of getting a contract aren't as good as they could be. This is really where I would put the focus if I was training you.

                  High level water training progression/emphasis:

                  CSS and Eggbeater together for:

                  Mindful (one skill at a time) Practice
                  (Good Form attained)
                  (Sub 8:30 time attained)

                  Then do the same with Fins


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                    That makes sense, thanks for taking the time to walk me through it, I honestly thought I had pretty good form but I am kind of relieved to know that there is a reason my times suck so bad. Thanks again