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  • CSS Critique Video

    Hello all,

    I've been swimming for a month 3 times a week, yet I still can't improve my time. I don't know if it is my technique or form. I'm 5'2" 130 Ibs. and I am negative in the water. I feel I need to have a higher stroke count in order to compensate for my short kicks. Also, I don't have any swimming background and this video is only 50 yards, I believe. But If someone could critique this please feel free. Thanks!

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    Your video link is bad. It's also too short to be helpful at only 50Y. Re-record one of at least 100Y and repost it, and I would be happy to give you a detailed critique Sir.


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        Thanks for the video. You did your part, and I will follow through on mine.

        There's a lot going on here.

        1 - Swimming on one side. Read through past posts to find all the reasons this is a terrible idea.

        2 - Bad body position. You are pulling your entire head out of the water frequently.

        3 - Crazy legs. You are kicking ineffectively and at such a frantic rate, it's amazing. Mostly because of #4, but also huge balance problems. All this kicking is what you're doing because none of the other stroke components are doing what they are supposed to.

        4 - Scissor kick is totally incorrect, has no range of motion to it, and is not effective at all.

        5 - Overgliding. Like way, a lot. With a scissor kick that bad, you really should have a glide of about .1 seconds. You are artificially extending it.

        6 - Frantic, rushed, pure rage swimming. I never got the feeling you were relaxing into the stroke, and pulling and kicking in a focused, determined manner. You're making the water an enemy when it should be a friend. It just doesn't need to be this combative. It shouldn't be.

        7 - This swim is lacking all of the basics. No streamlines at all, either off the wall or at the top of the stroke.

        8 - Turns. They are totally wrong and slow.

        You need to go back to the basics to fix all this. Read the CSS PDF and also study the official video at the top of the swim thread. There are drills in there that will help you disassemble the stroke and polish up the individual parts.

        There's no reason you can't do it, but it's going to take focused, hard work. The kind of work that's done with mental discipline. The worst mistake you could make is to try to do this with muscles instead of mind.

        PS - get a jammer type swimsuit.

        /Coach Freddy


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          Thank you, sir. I will go back to the basics.