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    I'd appreciate it if I could get some critique here. Pool is 25 yards. I do plan on swimming both sides but I want to make sure my technique is solid first. Thanks for your time.

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    Stong kick off the wall, Double arm pull, 6 Strokes across, 50 yards in roughly 50 seconds? Well done brotha. If you can maintain that pace for about 7-8 laps you'll be more than set. Nice form too.


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      Nice job. Way to stay long in the water


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        I took a look.

        Next time please post a 100Y video and you'll get much better critique.

        Watch the body position. You are bending your torso into a "C" shape and craning your neck forward as well. (consider this the primary thing).

        The timing is not correct. You are breathing late in the stroke cycle, but not as late as most who make this mistake do (props). You should be turning to breath WITH the first pull.

        The turn is terrible. Taking extra time to flatten out rather than turning on your side. This is a primary reason you need to swim on both sides, so the sooner the better.

        The streamline is incorrect - unacceptably loose. The streamline is one of those rare things where an A- is an F. It has to be perfect to work correctly.

        The first pull looks like it's slipping water and not digging deep and catching with the forearm as well as the palm.

        Double arm pull is there, but needs work. It's not gaining a lot of distance/speed where it really should.

        Absolutely all of this is totally fixable, and I see no reason why you won't turn an excellent time.