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Masters degree. Better chance of getting picked up by SEAL?

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  • Masters degree. Better chance of getting picked up by SEAL?

    I know the pt requirements are the main goal when being selected by draft. I have successful pt scores, but I also have academics as well for good credentials. I have a bachelors and masters degree in Exercise Physiology.

    My question is, when it comes to the draft, what are all of the categories that get looked at, other than pt scores?

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    Re: Masters degree. Better chance of getting picked up by SEAL?

    I asked a similiar question to Mr. Williams a week or two ago.

    I was going for OCS, but it looks like I can't take my PST in time for the March Board so I plan on enlisting. I asked him whether or not a college degree would be a factor into getting selected for a SEAL contract. Here's My question

    Mr. Williams,

    I'm currently trying to apply to OCS for Special Warfare, however, I may not be able to take a PST in time for the March 1, 2012 deadline due to a recent PRK vision correction in November. Rather than wait around until the next application deadline, which could be March 2013 as my recruiter told me, I have been thinking of just enlisting.

    I have not talked to my recruiter about this yet due to the holiday season, but I was wondering what other factors affect an candidate who is put into the so called monthly draft for SO contracts. To my knowledge, once a mentor thinks your PST scores are sufficient he submits you package to the selection committee, however do they only look at PST scores or can a college education play any determing factor over someone with similar scores etc?

    Thank you for cooperation,
    Here's part of his response that applies:

    However, if you would rather not wait and just enlist, you need to have a clean record with no medical/legal waivers and then just focus on killing the PST. Your college grades will not be a factor.
    One would assume that if you have a degree you'll most likely have a better chance of scoring high on the ASVAB and I read somewhere that people with degrees have a lower attrition rate that those who don't in BUD/S.
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