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Mechanical Comprehension - Best place to study?

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  • Mechanical Comprehension - Best place to study?

    I made a decent AFQT score but my line score for MC was a 42, can anyone recommend a good site/ several sites that would help boost that?

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    Right now I am using ASVAB for dummies, Union Test prep, and I am using flashcards to memorize key words and equations. I'm kind of in your shoes, I passed the MC but my line scores for AR and VE were off by 9 points.


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      ASVAB mastery App, and ASVAB for dummies App.


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        Go pickup some dead or half dead small engines...salvage a lawnmower or some other type hopefully you get the point... go buy some tools and teach yourself engine theory..then tear that baby apart and make it then your understanding of tools, mechanical functions and theory of moving parts hopefully seeded itself into your wont get the type of mechanical comprehension sought after in an operator by reading a book.

        Learn how things around you work. Learn how to fix amd repair. Not saying you shouldn't read the books too but you'll have more sucess actually doing mechanical things. Pull some stuff apart and put it together....can't afford afford a used broken engine then try your car some basic maintenance and get a grasp on comprehending mechanical functions.

        Just my $0.02..I grew up riding dirtbikes doing my own repairs this is the best advice I can offer. Im still a dummy in regards to electronics but know the basics. Learn to identify what electrical circuits look like on paper too.
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