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How to study for the ASVAB

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  • How to study for the ASVAB

    Ok, so I just talked to a recruiter and she told me I need to work on my AR and MK scores, how do I do that? Is there a study book y'all would suggest getting, just take a bunch of practice tests, both, or is there something I am not thinking of that will help? I know my PST scores will be above average but I still want to score as high as I can on the ASVAB.

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    Have you searched the forums prior to your post?

    There is multiple forum posts about the ASVAB.

    Get Kaplan ASVAB guide and ASVAB for dummies and take practice tests.

    Work on the areas you are weak there is a plethora of practice tests available online. I never bought a book but would reccomend too.. I more or less winged it and impressed myself...guess im not a complete dummy.
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      I'd say do both and then some. If you're in high school, try taking some math classes if you haven't already like algebra, geometry, trig, etc. Those should teach you everything that will be on the ASVAB. If you've taken classes but it's been a while, your school might offer a refresher class or a math lab or something. Seems nerdy but if it gets you to your goal, who cares haha. I would get whichever study book has the highest rating on Amazon and take as many different practice tests as you can too.

      Hope this helps dude
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