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  • waiver?

    do i need a waiver for an AFQT of 51. i got good scores for the sections by themselves and my combined scores that i need are above the standard but i noticed that all the contracted guys have AFQT of 80+. does anyone think a 51 fine or do i need a waiver or should retake

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    The only ASVAB requirements (from the SEAL/SWCC website) are as follows:

    1. GS + MC + EI = a minimum score of 170

    2. VE + MK + MC + CS = a minimum score of 220

    3. VE + AR = a minimum score of 110 and MC = a minimum score of 50

    I personally have never seen a requirement for AFQT scores (besides the Navy minimum of 35), but like everything else you should strive for it to be as high as possible. Increases your chances of getting a contract/more discipline and effort into preparing will yield better results.
    Idk where you are in the process, if this was a non-official ASVAB (I took one in high school) or if this was an official one, but if you are able to retake definitely try at least. There are plenty of prep materials online to help prepare.


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      yea it was an official one i took and i havent sworn in yet i just took the one at my highschool and my recruiter said if i feel i should retake it then i go to meps next month and i can take it there


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        retake and pass with a high score.


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          To be considered for a waiver, it depends on your line scores & the whole package(PST scores). From a 51, I'm assuming that you're quite a few points off. To be honest, you're much better off studying your *** off to get the score than to wait around for a waiver. There's way too much competition for almost any Warrior Challenge Program these days. With a ton of applicants at NSW's door, they have the upper hand of being selective on who they give contracts to. My wait time when my asvab waiver(4 points)for SO got approved was 6 weeks, but what helped in my package was my age(HS aged applicant) & my PST score.