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Which subtests are the most important to study for?

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  • Which subtests are the most important to study for?

    I have been spending the majority of my time getting ready for the AFQT, but I know those aren't the only line scores that matter. Which of them holds the most weight (importance)?

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    AFQT comprises of AR,WK,PC,MK. The composite score is to determine if you can enlist.


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      In addition to what Roboscout mentioned, the General Science, Mechanical Comprehension, and Electronics sub scores are used to determine your line scores (GS+MC+EL), so I would focus on those. If you don't qualify with GS+MC+EL, then VE+MK+MC+CS can be used, but (CS=coding speed) wasn't even on my ASVAB, I'm not sure why.

      I only studied 1 day before my official ASVAB (I recommend at LEAST a 1-2 weeks). I didn't score super high, but I did decent (AFQT = 92), and my recommendation is to spend time studying your weaknesses. Everyone likes to study what they are strong at, it's natural to want to feel comfortable. Focus on your weaknesses first then if you have extra time get extra practice on what you feel strong at.