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    I took the Asvab three times and finally qualified for Seals with an Asvab score of 64. I know this isn't competitive so what do you think the chances of me getting a contract are. I can achieve these numbers on my pst.

    Swim: 8:30
    Push: 115
    Sit-ups: 80
    Pull-ups: 25
    Run: 8:45

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    what are your line scores looking like? do they qualify for seal ? a score of 64 im pretty sure is the bare minimum. Are your push ups good form, locking all the way out and are you ascending down enough (fist) ? are your sit ups proper form hands on deltoids, elbows touching upper thigh and then back all the down ? pull ups all the way up and all the way down?

    is this a mock or official PST score? If it is official and you have GOOD form, you should get contracted considering you beat auto qual scores.


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      i got a 63 on my asvab and i still got contracted my first pst so dont sweat it. especially if your being honest to yourself and those scores are true you have a pretty good chance


      • mjkj0521
        mjkj0521 commented
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        9:24 swim
        73 push
        79 sit
        14 pull
        9:38 run
        not awesome but improvement going off of my failing screen pst but seriously u have a good shot

      • Roboscout 302
        Roboscout 302 commented
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        Yeah man don't worry about it. I got a 63 on mine as well but I fell 4 points off on the line score combination but was able to get it waived. My scores that got me contracted were 8:51,74,91,19,9:04

      • colton
        colton commented
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        Awesome. Thanks guys