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  • Options if asvab not good enough

    So basically I've been in dep since Sep just found out my asvab score is not high enough overall got a 71 but 48 in the mechanical. First off just a background my first pst was
    I posted that just to show that I'm making steady progress because I also figured someone would ask eventually. Anyway, so I've been studying and honestly I should have no problem getting those couple points up but what I'm confused on is that while in dep you should be able to retake 30 days after first one then 30 days again then 6 months after but my recruiter went the odd route of essentially kicking me from dep, so I had to redo my paper work and I'm essentially rejoining and will pick a new job and contract. Why wouldn't they let me just retake?? And I asked about the retake timeline and what he told me (30/30/6 months) but he said they probably wouldn't let me retake after this one. But who is they and who would I talk to about that if he's either wrong or lying? Also, if I don't pass and they tell me that I will not sign a contract. What would my option be then? Id essentially be out of the navy would I be able to talk to another recruiter and join there and just do the whole process over? Or would my past record show up if I told them I never joined or what would I tell them? Just curious as the best plan of action would be if worse case scenario I don't pass. Because if they continually tell me the wrong thing I will not want to work with them so if I was outta dep would it be smart to just follow the ptg for a few months then try another recruiting district? Help would be appreciated.

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    According to the recruiting instruction which governs this issue, "Personnel in the Delayed Entry Program are not authorized to retake the ASVAB." That's why your recruiter is attriting you from DEP: to give you another shot at getting a qualifying ASVAB score. So, study hard, especially the MC section. There are plenty of study guides available on the Internet.
    The recruiter records all of your tests and progress in a system shared by all recruiters. You cannot simply go to another district and have a clean slate. So, I believe you are now properly motivated to get it right next time. Good luck.
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      I also failed SEAL ASVAB. Passed all others including diver. I was offered to retake. But I aced the army Asvab. Go army 18x. Special Forces.