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  • DEP retaking the ASVAB

    I am 17 years old and I'm currently a senior in High School, I made the decision to join the navy during the summer of my junior year. I got with my recruiter, went to MEPS, took all the tests, and signed my contract as a HM. I had joined the navy to become a SEAL but as everyones knows it is a challenge program not a job everyone gets. After I was done with everything I went to the workouts and talked to my NSW scout. He informed me that I qualify to tryout for ND, AIRR, EOD, and SWCC. But not for SEAL, the issue was my ASVAB line score on the MC subtest was a 49. I then asked my SEAL scout and he informed me the navy gives out no waivers for a MC ASVAB line score. He insisted on me going to my recruiter to retake my ASVAB, I did as he told me but when I asked my recruiter he said and I quote "Once you're in the Delayed Entry Program you are not allowed to retake your ASVAB until after you're done with basic boot camp."

    My AFQT was a 76

    Is there anything I can do to retake my ASVAB, or a waiver or some sorts I can qualify for. I am in great shape, perfect vision, no injuries or any kind of defects. I just have a 49 of a line score on my ASVAB (MC). Are there any options available for me, I wanted to join the navy specifically for SEAL, I do not intend on doing any other job.

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    I have not taken my CSORT yet.


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      Be sure to study...then drop DEP & retake. Don’t settle for anything less than SO.


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        The scout and the recruiter are correct. The single line score requirement for MC cannot be waived and you cannot retake the ASVAB if you are in DEP. I agree with Roboscout: if SEAL is all you want, talk with your recruiter and drop out of DEP until you can retake your ASVAB and get the MC where it needs to be. Good luck.
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