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Getting into BUD/S while already enlisted

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  • Getting into BUD/S while already enlisted

    Hi, I had a few questions about trying to get into BUD/S while already enlisted. Everything I've seen has suggested that Getting eye surgery before enlisting might be the best (since I have 2/400ish vision), since there are a lot of unknowns in trying to get eye surgery and then go for BUD/S while already in the Navy, though I'm starting to think enlisting now might be better since I'd rather leave sooner than wait 6+ months to ship out. So, I have a few questions:
    -Is the 1-2 year wait time before trying out for BUD/S a strict time limit? I know the kind of job you have affects that, so what are the lower priority jobs? (I know you couldn't do it as a Nuke)
    -What is the general wait time before going to MEPS? And between MEPS and shipping out, both for when you go into DEP with a SEAL Challenge Contract and without? Can you sort of control when you can go to MEPS and when you ship out, or is that all on the recruiter?
    -How long do you have to wait after eye surgery before you can do anything with applying for BUD/S? I thought I saw somewhere that you have to wait 1-2 years between arriving at your first command and getting the surgery, is that true? So how soon after A School can you sign up for eye surgery?
    -I was told by my recruiter that some guys come around to the bases periodically to try people out for BUD/S, is this true? Or can you just try out for BUD/S whenever after that initial 1-2 year wait time?


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    I would say getting your eye surgery and then enlisting in the navy will be the smartest choice. If you go into the navy and then try to lateral transfer to get a shot at going to bud/s you will give the navy complete control over your future... It is very possible to enlist and get orders to BUD/S later on. Many guys have done it before... However there are just as many people who do not get the chance to switch over because of their command and miss the year group they're assigned to and will never get to go. If this is what you want then waiting the extra time to get a guaranteed contract should be worth it.

    After getting the surgery you will need to wait 6 months to be cleared by meps. In those 6 months you can get all your paperwork set up and take the asvab so once the wait is over you can go to meps asap. once that is done you can take the pst.
    As far as a wait time to asvab, go to meps, pst, get contracted, and ship. it will vary for everyone.
    if you have a clean package you can asvab and go to meps within a month. if you have solid PST scores and AUTOQUAL you will get contract within a month, if you do not have solid scores then you put the navy in controll by having to enter the draft.
    once picked up, depending on when the next class leaves expect to potentially wait between 3-6 months before leaving for bootcamp.

    if you get the surgery and have to wait.. take the opportunity to train, that wait time is ample amount to get your scores in the position to autoqual...
    if you choose to go into the navy realize you will not have the freedom to train whenever you want. getting in peak shape is top priority. do what you need to do to set yourself up for success.

    I was in the same situation as you... I had to get the surgery myself.
    I found out in June that my vision did not qualify so I got my surgery the end of June, took my asvab in July.
    Got my paper work set to go so that after the 6 months i could go to meps asap
    I went to meps the end of January. Got contracted in February. and im leaving in may


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      I see, I didn't think you could even get the ASVAB until those 6 months were up. The other reason I was thinking about enlisting now was because I'm not totally sure I could afford eye surgery by myself.