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Fleet Transition Program/Waivers??

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  • Fleet Transition Program/Waivers??

    So I've literally searched the entire forum for someone else in this situation and can't find anything. maybe this question belongs in the waivers section but I've already taken in fleet PSTs so here goes:
    I'm good to go. Good PST scores. In the right year group. The right rank, TIS, etc. Support from my current chain of command. Qualifying ASVAB. The only thing I can see holding me back is that I joined the Navy with legal waivers (non drug related; 2 disorderly conduct and a handful of speeding Tix) that precluded me doing anything other than Undes/BM/AB. Do I need new waivers to go to SPECWAR program? or does it not matter now that I'm already in the Navy and served almost three years with good conduct? Did anyone else join with legal waivers and try to cross rate to SO/SB once they were already in the Navy for awhile? Any admin or experienced help would be appreciated

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    if anyone is wondering it doesn't matter at all.