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    -Prior service active navy currently in the selected reserves YG 2014-

    I am in the works of putting together an RC to AC package for SO, However I have come across a hurdle I need effective guidance on.

    *Dive Physical*
    Currently I do not have accessibility to a UMO due to my geographic location

    My medical department is compromised of corpsman who are not qualified to complete the required dive physical (DD2807-1, 2808, NAVPERS 1200-6.)

    Would I have to travel to a common Naval base in order to seek out a UMO or could the local NSW scout recruiter set me up to complete this at the local MEPS
    In addition I have read varying sources across the web that may or not be reliable, discussing that a civilian practitioner can complete the dive physical as long a UMO has the final approval.

    Any guidance would be greatly beneficial moving forward, Thanks.

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    The prevailing authority is MILPERSMAN 1220-300, which states "examinations may be conducted by any physician, but an undersea medical officer (UMO) or diving medical officer (DMO) must approve and review all examinations/reports. BUMED (M3/50M2) can review and sign physical examinations for accessions [that's you] performed by another credentialed medical provider where a Navy UMO or DMO is not proximately available."
    So if you are not near a military medical facility, you may use a private doctor to conduct the screening and fill out the forms. Then you must send them to a UMO or DMO for approval and BUMED will give final approval. Make sure you consult the MILPERSMAN 1220-300 and MANMED Article 15-105, both of which are conveniently available for download from this site.
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