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  • Eligible to return?

    I am currently in the fleet after DOR’ing from SB training in March 2017. During the out process interview/paperwork I was asked, “Do you want to return to training, if eligible, in two years?” I responded by saying, “I will be 29 by the time I am eligible to re apply.” The instructor then annotated this on my paperwork. At the time, I was under the impression that 29 was outside the SB age limit and that I would not be eligible. My question is, what kind of weight does this disenrollment paperwork hold when putting in a in fleet transfer package to return to training? Will this put me out of the running, or at a disadvantage for a contract? Any feedback is welcome.

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    From my understanding as long as your year group is open and your package is outstanding you have a shot. The key take away being having an outstanding package. I was in your same boat, dropped from BUD/s class 317, and have been doing everything I can to go back. But my year group is closed(2015) and unless I can demonstrate skills such as being out on the X with a team, or a desired foreign language they won’t accept me. I’m currently 28 and they rather not use a spot for a fleet returnee who’s been there before, who’s “old” in the Navy’s eyes, when they have younger guys who’s never been there before trying from the fleet. This came straight from the ECMs. This is why your package must be outstanding, and you have to be able to demonstrate in a personal letter how you have addressed the issue that caused you to drop in the first place. You have a better chance than I do, because your year group is open, just hope it stays that way when time arrives and you can submit. Best of luck.


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      I initially had the needed support from my command, including the entire triad. I recently completed the assembly of my package in hopes of submitting this quarter. Upon receiving my 1306/7, under the "command endorsement" section, the CO checked the box "YES" for recommended. However, he also included a comment "Support conversion but cannot accept gap. PO must complete prescribed sea tour on USS ***". My PRD is not until 2021, at which point I will be over the age of 30, and no longer eligible for the program without an age waiver. My intention is to submit my package as it is and see what feedback, if any, I receive. I am looking for suggestions or advice moving forward from this point.