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    I’m an active duty Marine Corps recruiter that has about a year and a half left on contract. When I get out I will be at 9 years TIS. I am a Sgt at the moment but am getting looked at to be promoted to SSgt. Also I will be 27 by the time I EAS.

    My question is, if I pick up SSgt (E-6) will I still be able to EAS then Re-enlist into the Navy with a SEAL contract (assuming I meet the physical requirements)? I don’t care about getting sent back down to E-5, being a SEAL is more important than rank to me. Could someone give me insight in to the whole process? I feel like I’m highly qualified mentally and physically. I just wouldn’t want to get out of the Marines just to not be able to go SEALs. Thank y’all for your time!

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    You face a tough road. Nine years of service is well beyond our limit of six. Picking up E6 likely won't be a problem since the Navy is unlikely to bring you in as E6 in any rating. I recommend you contact the SEAL Enlisted Community Manager to discuss your situation before you make a choice. PM me for the phone number.
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