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    OK, I've run into a small fork in the road.
    Basically, I am a current high schooler with many qualifications for some of the top Universities in the country. That's not me being cocky, I'm just trying to give you an idea of my situation. Also, I come from a wealthier background with both my parents coming from top tier Universities. Obviously, their expectations for my future are high. I've told them all along that what I want to do is be a SEAL, more than anything else in the world.
    The Question: If I some how manage to convince my parents to let me Join and become a SEAL directly out of high school, how does this affect my chances/outlooks for universities? Is it going to be harder to get in, easier? Cheaper, more expensive?

    If not, how long (if anybody knows) are SO contracts going to be around? I don't think I could ever forgive myself if I went to college only to have the SO contract option stripped away from me.

    So in general, is it better to go to College before BUD/s and hopefully become a SEAL, or is it better to go to College after serving as a SEAL?

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    Re: College Question

    I would say go to college first. You'll gain a lot of experience and discipline living on your own and having to fend for yourself. Your performance will be solely based on your desire to succeed. It's up to you to decide if you want to study and go to class. You'll mature and learn a lot.

    Probably the most important thing is you will have an education to fall back on and if something doesn't work out, you will have more opportunities available to you. Most colleges and universities have ROTC programs so you can get a taste and better prepare yourself to become a SEAL. Once you have completed your degree you can enlist or go the officer route. If you decide to enlist you will have the officer route open to you as well.

    I faced a similar situation as you. My whole life being a SEAL has been a dream of mine, but after high school even though i was athletic I didn't think I would stand a chance. I went to college with aspirations of going to medical school, preferably through the Navy. I succeeded and completed all the requirements and applied to schools. However, when faced with the decision of what I wanted to do with my life, I decided I would regret not trying this in my life as it is something I've always wanted to do. I also got myself in a lot better shape throughout college and got an education that I use everyday to help me train.

    The SEALs aren't going anywhere for a while, the requirements to get in may change, but if you want it you will make it happen. You can work with recruiters during college to help you prepare yourself for a career in the Navy as well. There are many options.

    It is ultimately your choice and your life. You must take control with it and accept any consequences that may come with that, so be prepared. Deciding to serve your country over going to college will not limit your chances when reapplying, especially if you have been accepted into high profile schools. The military also has various programs to help servicemen earn an education.

    Exhaust all the resources you have available to you and learn as much as you can about both routes before making this decision. Try to find people who have faced similar situations and see their experiences.

    Ultimately though, it's your choice. Good luck.


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      Re: College Question

      Nickdich, Thanks for such a thorough response, I've still got a while so I'm going to look it over more with my parents. I'm just going to keep this thread here and hope for more good opinions and hopefully someone who has BTDT will respond as well.