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Graduation Next year, When to talk to a recruiter?

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  • Graduation Next year, When to talk to a recruiter?

    Hey guys this is my first post so bare with me. Ive researched all i can but i am still curious to see what you guys think from my current stance.

    I am a Junior in College right now, I play Division I lacrosse and am currently in season. I have two more years of eligibility left for NCAA play. I intend to make my Senior year next year my final year on the field. I was wondering when i should talk to a recruiter, I was thinking of doing so this summer to see what they have to say. My goal is to be a SWCC. I have bad eyes, i would need eye surgery to be eligible for a contract. I was wondering if i should get the surgery when i graduate then talk to recruiter about getting a contract. I understand the 6 month rule with the eye surgery. But my parents thing is they want to see if the Navy would help paying off school. I was just hoping you guys could shed a little light on these for me.