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Building a Competitive File Via NROTC & Sports?

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  • Building a Competitive File Via NROTC & Sports?

    So, I'll be attending NROTC as a freshman at Miami University (Ohio) this fall. I've been looking around online to see what I should do to build a competitive file for a SEAL designation. I plan to major in bioengineering and minor in Arabic (achieving a 3.5 or above), be as active as possible within my NROTC unit, post outstanding fitness scores and hopefully gain leadership positions within various other clubs and organizations. From what I have read online, my plan hits every mark except sports. Having been a tri-athlete (soccer, swimming, lacrosse) throughout my high school career I have learned a few things about sports: (a) They prevent schedule flexibility among studying and other activities. (b) I get better, more well rounded workouts on my own than I do at practices which often conflict with my workout routine.
    So my questions are:
    1. How bad would it look to not be involved in a sport?
    2. Are there any clubs/ organizations you would recommend I become involved in that may help prepare me for BUD/S and beyond (EX: Orienteering club)?
    3. Is there anything I have overlooked/ what else can I do to make my file look better?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Honestly I don't know if you would even have the time to play a sport while being in NROTC. I'm planning on attending NROTC next year as a Sophomore and i'm majoring in Middle East studies and minoring in Arabic. Hopefully someone will give us some insight on how one can be more competitive for the SEAL designation.


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      As far as I know, unless you are in need of some serious waivers, your main focus should be on developing superb PST and ASVAB scores, and working on your mental toughness and character in your everyday life. NROTC might help, but as far as I'm concerned getting to BUD/S is based on whether or not your SEAL Challenge Contract gets selected, and the Contract includes your PST, ASVAB, and CSORT scores. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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        I am with hooyahbuck on this one. From what i know, PST ASVAB and CSORT scores are the main focus period.


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          Thanks for the feedback, I got a little side tracked... now I'm in DEPd in and contracted, I just said screw college all together.