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Age Requirement Discrepancy/Waiver

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  • Age Requirement Discrepancy/Waiver

    I have used the search function and have read numerous posts regarding the age requirement to get a SEAL Contract. Most of the posts had said that you had to be enlisted/DEP by your 28th birthday but then you had until your 29th birthday to earn your contract and ship to boot camp. The most recent post I saw on the issues was dated 2013 so I am unaware if things have changed since then. I went and talked to my recruiter yesterday and he said that you must have your Contract before your 28th birthday. I would appreciate Mr. Williams input on the matter. With that being said all feed back is valued.

    Which is correct

    1.) Must be Enlisted/DEP by 28th Birthday then have until 29th birthday to earn contract and be in boot camp?

    2.) Have contract by 28th Birthday? and in boot camp by 29th?

    3.) Also what are the chances of receiving and age waiver in general? If candidate is over 28 but not 29 yet?
    It was my understanding that age waivers are extremely difficult to get and for the most part never granted cause of the large number of eligible candidates.