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Process of reclassifying to SO

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  • Process of reclassifying to SO

    So I originally went to MEPS hoping to get an SO contract, they had me pick a rate as a back up and I picked the one with the furthest away shipdate (AC) and I left and 3 days later received a phone call from the SO instructor for DEP telling me I dont qualify for SO due to vision but I could receive lasik eye surgery in the navy and qualify. Im now at Great Lakes, just graduated from boot camp last week stuck here in THU, so I'm curious what do I have to do now to start the process to try to reclassify into SO. I've been told it's a long process but I don't care about that I just want to know what needs to be done. I'm still waiting to go to A school, I just would like to know how I go about getting a contract now that I'm in the Navy, anyone with any answers would be great thank you!