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  • DEP/Seal Challenge Program Question

    I have a few questions regarding enlisting through the DEP with the goal of obtaining a SO rating upon being "drafted".

    1. I know PST scores are the most important component of the package your mentor submits, but what else is this made up of? Is it similar to a NSW Officer package (includes essays, references, transcripts, med history, etc.)?
    2. I've read that having a waiver will greatly reduce your likelihood of getting contracted, but if this waiver is closed (has been cleared and MEPS says you're good to go - which has to happen before your qualifying PST score anyway), would this still be a factor?
    3. At what point in this process is your security clearance determination made?
    4. Is it possible to drop from DEP altogether if you do not get an SO rating and don't wish to serve in any other capacity?

    Any helpful responses are greatly appreciated.

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    Not like just need PST, ASVAB, and C-SORT.

    If your waiver is approved then it shouldn't affect you at all, the hard part about them is simply getting one approved depending on what it's for.

    They will just do the standard background checks to make sure you aren't some lifetime criminal at first.

    I do believe you can drop from DEP but from what I've heard it makes the process much more difficult if you choose to reenlist after you are stronger or healthier so save yourself the struggle and don't go in until you are crushing the optimums on the PST at the bare minimum and you have good ASVAB scores. After that the rest is grinding it out.


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      erinoconnormusic Thank you for the info. I ask about the application because I am a college graduate leaning toward enlistment. I was hoping that education history would be a component as it may give me an advantage over other applicants who don't have a degree. I suppose a strong ASVAB and C-SORT will be enough to adequately showcase these competencies. Does anyone know what percentage of enlisted SEALs have college degrees? What is the sentiment around this? I'm not from USNA or NROTC so my other option is OCS.


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        There are quite a few SEALS that have college degrees. Having a college degree would probably get you E3 rank going in since you only need 48 credits for that. It would start after Boot Camp.


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          You can use the tuition assistance and GI Bill for advanced degrees later on I believe and if you want to apply for OCS later on you will already have a degree so that's a plus.