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Does the Navy need more Seals?

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  • Does the Navy need more Seals?

    I was not sure where to put this, but I would like to know if the Navy needs more Seals, is it in demand? I have heard it is harder to get into training, and get through training. I was wondering if this is because we do not need as many Seals as the wars we are in are winding down and the military is downsizing or is the NSW command just raising BUDs entry standards for prospective Seals?
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    Logan.Kelly With the recent "hype" from the media, it's drawn in a lot of applicants. Yes, it is getting harder due to the fact there are more candidates than contracts to be handing out. The purpose of the draft system is to pick up the "most qualified" people who don't need waivers. That's why it's important to have a good asvab, pst, little to no waivers so you can be in a good spot to be considered. I recommend you to read **** Few by Rorke Denver, it covers this topic plenty of times.

    If you're worried about your chances of getting a Warrior Challenge Contract, I'd say from experience to not worry about it. Heck,I thought I wouldn't get a contract due to my asvab but was blessed to have been endorsed for an asvab waiver due to my PST. Just focus on the ASVAB & PST.